Friday, May 2, 2008

Hope and Jubilation

These last few weeks at my new job have been a revelation in terms of just how a workplace is supposed to function. I never cease to be amazed by these truly humble, caring, hard-working people that I now call my comrades. I have been embraced as one of their own. My Higher Power has given me such a blessing in this job.

Now, I will readily admit, when working on the floor, pushing a med cart, doing treatments, etc, this is a far more physically stressful job than anything I have ever known since being a dishwasher at Cracker Barrel when I was 16. When I am training in the supervisory role, however, it is far more mentally stressful, but physically a breeze. What is not present, however, is all the emotional baggage that came with the last job.

My life, in general, is doing far better than it was a month ago. School is now coming to a close, and all I lack is this massive paper than I am freaking late on writing, and doing a presentation next week. It is possible that I may get A's in each of my classes this semester.

My fiance and I are doing very well. Life is beautiful, indeed.


Rae said...

So glad to hear that life is becoming so much more than you thought it could be. The success in your job sounds wonderful and does give me some hope. I pray for your continued happiness and recovery.

Malcolm XYZ said...

I have been to some SLAA meetings and would have kept going had I not moved to another country. well, truth be told, at times I felt the meetings were making me identify with the probelm even more. notice I said "at times" , taking a page out of your play book.

anyhow, just wanted to say more power to ya for putting this issue out here and for dealing with it and nice to have found your blog. what are your papers on?

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Yay, so glad to hear you are in such a good place right now. And wow, those polar bear pictures on the previous post are the cutest dang thing I've ever seen! :)

Bits of Bliss said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well for you right now.

Poppy said...


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Hope said...

This blog seems to have been abandoned. I have a new one at

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear about your success :) I work for Life Works Community which helps sex & love addicts so it fills my heart to read your story. Good luck for the future!

Viktor said...

Nice to hear that life has been treating you very right now. For people who has been through sex and love addiction, recovering is such a big accomplishment and satisfaction. Congratulations and hope to hear more positive things from you! :)